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    Corporate Profile

    Medassis Ltd is an international provider of Medical assistance, Air ambulance & Medical escort and commercial flights services. The company was established in 2005 under the umbrella of the “Mash Medical” company, one of the most successful medical tourism companies in Israel.


    In 2009, Medassis Ltd. began operating as an independent entity and has since handled thousands of medical flights around the world.


    Our team:

    The company comprises 13 operational employees, 3 travel agents, and 30 trusted doctors and paramedics utilizing an outsourcing model, who provide medical assessments and follow ups. Each of the medical crew members have successfully graduated Medical Flight Course, that allows them to be completely prepared to deal with any kind of medical escort or emergency- immediately and professionally.

    Utmost Professionalism:

    We keep in close contact with our patients, updating and escorting them all along the way.
    Our call center service is available 24/7, and is staffed by professionals who guide the patient through each step of the process. Highly qualified medical coordinators are available 24/7 and are ready to perform daily tracking of the patient’s medical condition, including cooperating with hospitals and translation companies all around the world.

    We’re able to arrange ground ambulance transport worldwide, with the suitable medical teams and equipment- from the patient’s location, to the final destination point. Highly professional internal travel agency, which specializes in medical flights. Advanced experience in a wide array of medical flight requirements, such as: commercial flights, stretchers, and air ambulances throughout the world, and treatment for a wide range of medical conditions such as premature babies and ICU patients.
    Large data base that allows us wide network and connections with the top assistance companies around the world.

    Company vision:
    Medassis Ltd aims to provide world-class and highly responsive service, professional medical consulting and solutions, and a diverse range of medical flights and transportation solutions. All while ensuring the highest standards of patient medical care, at competitive prices.

    Medassis Advantage:

    • Availability and efficiency:
    providing 24/7 service all year round, as quickly and efficiently possible, in accordance with the constraints and needs of missions anywhere in the world.

    • Quality:
    Providing medical response in accordance with professional standards based on medical technologies, using equipment with a suitable international standard.

    • Ready:
    ready to deal with unexpected events, as well as other factors for the success of the mission routine and emergency.

    • Reliability of reporting, supervision and drawing conclusions:
    Information assurance and quality inspection report is based on reliable and accurate data, while we continue to maintainin a high level of care and and compliance with the ethical code required for such services.

    • Safety and security teams get service:
    treatment while maintaining the safety of the medical teams and the recipient of the service. Safety is a guarantee of the success of the mission!

    • Competitive prices:
    We combine top-class medical teams, the highest standards of service, and all at extremely competitive prices.

    • Experience and flexibility:
    Experience and flexibility mean we excel at operating under uncertain conditions.

    • “frequent flyer points”:
    Various methods of reducing costs such as utilizing the company’s “frequent flyer points” to reduce costs for patients.

    • Private Equipment:
    Using the company’s private equipment means reduced medical equipment costs and extremely high standards.

      Emergency contact

      Please fill in general information requested below.