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    Case Examples


    Avalanche – Medasis issued private specialized jets equipped with an intensive care team and intensive care equipment in order to return the injured to Israel for continues treatment.


    A 17 year old backpacker who was severely injured after a bungee accident, was under general anesthesia and on a respirator. The mission was to return her as soon as possible to Israel for receiving quality, advanced and life-saving medical treatment. The return was immediately implemented in two stages, first by air ambulance from Phuket to Bangkok and from Bangkok to Tel Aviv on a commercial flight while she was accompanied by an intensive care team.


    A case of a premature birth with a set of twins. One of the babies weighed 630 grams and the other baby weighed 750 grams. By means of a private air ambulance we flew a private neo-natal medical team which included 2 neo-natal physicians and 2 neo-natal nurses and trachea. The ambulance had two incubators for the premature infants. The entire medical team and equipment arrived in the hospital in Georgia and from there the treatment of the premature infants and the family continued until they reached a hospital in Israel.


    A patient who had a head tumor and who was in severe condition needed a doctor who specializes in a this kind of head surgery and who was located in Australia. On the same day his visa and passport were coordinated, and the patient was accompanied with an intensive care team in a 30 hour commercial flight to Sydney. The patient was transferred into surgery. The surgery was a success and he is healthy.


    A 19 year old patient was in a motorcycle accident and was severely and critically injured. We sent an intensive care team to return him to Israel, we set up an intensive care unit on a commercial flight in order to bring him back to Israel.

    New York

    A 9 year old girl from England needed an urgent flight for a liver transplant. We set up an intensive care unit on a commercial flight and flew her to the U.S. in order to perform the transplant.

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